initial mother’s day eve

within womb per universe’s birth
sans nebulous placenta housed
seeds of life and white lily
within billions of years in future
mid-wifed lady gaia
which cosmic amniotic fluid sans infinitesimal kernel
unknowingly intimated mother earth
giver of extant flora and fauna
released after big bang cosmic explosion
released galactic matter ala Jackson Pollack
across void
impregnating the fecund celestial field
with embryonic entities
germinating gamut of multifarious flora & fauna spectrum
within primordial soupy miasma
evolving throughout millennial timeframe
distinct organisms
homo sapiens
became master of earthen oblate spheroid domain
epitomized by goddess of fertility
thru whose silent ovation
predecessors of humanity ovulated
promulgating tentative then robust population
within clusters thence substantial redoubts
mollycoddled, nursed & swaddled by ancestral gracias mother
figures, whose maternal role guarded vulnerable progeny
to outfox the invisible world wide web
to build inexorably a linked network
of indomitable strength
against the wild things – thus guaranteeing
subsequent generations to flourish with greater success
prompted this contemporary bipedal hominid
for chance genetic dice throw origin of species
weathering travails thru horrendous maternal sacrifices
inducing me to acknowledge
those unknown female forebears!

matthew scott harris

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at two score and thirteen years, i feel a greater desire to imbibe each and every precious moment (not taken for granted) to enjoy the simple pleasures in life as well the maturation of me special daughters whose laps across el sol remind me how quickly time elapses!

Last updated May 09, 2012