Modest Sounds

Modest sounds my mind speaks in 3's
What a shy comfort multi-colored fall leaves
In and out w/ confusing thoughts
We were never something including faults
Down to drown your milky white skin
Blood to tears to fears we all sin
Snap of a bone and drying eyes
For no more will anyone feel your cries
Premeditated state I gotta go
I've created someone you will never know
Starless midst open wide
Run rabbit run you can not hide
Outter boundries a shell like crack
Mearly enough not much I lack
To not show how, may I turn my cheek
The night is perfect for all to seek
Hopes are high and heads are low
Compare my time, this is my show
A hint of perfume among the fog
Diluted down strapped to a log
Floatless weights stir crust thats blind
Howling moon gives light to mind
Trickle Trickle the deeds been done
Lifeless greed no more I've won

Michael Brandon Odom

Michael Brandon Odom's picture

Im not well rounded but yet very open minded. Animals make more sense to me than people do most of the time. I live to learn how others see all that comes with life and why they think the way they do.

Last updated November 07, 2013