Mother's Death 1981

She died of that disease so long ago,
Taken from us too young it is a fact;
She is in a better spot we all know,
Escaped to an eternal golden tract.

Disease cares not for family concern,
Nor plays favorites with any loved one;
Good memories nor tender times discern,
To pick and choose beyond it's powers sum.

Hereditary Cancer does push action:
We know our time on Earth is all too brief,
To grand goals and ambition does sanction
this scourge of humankind that brings such grief...
Run swift my relatives in your pursuits,
Before the funeral home dons our last suits.


Mike has been writing poetry and short fiction since 2003. He has had formal education beyond High school in the IT field. Published in Tales of the Talisman, IPA Lyrical Iowa, various other small press publications.

Last updated May 28, 2011