We'll call this last bottle 'regret'

We’ll call this last bottle ‘regret’
Later my crown will tighten
Thorns will scar my forehead
But right now let’s savour this potion
A river of gods sliding
Down the sides of my mouth
So easily
Let’s feast on walnuts and pears
Our fingers picking morsels
Absentmindedly feeding our chattering mouths

Miriam Calleja

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A 1982 girl from Malta who has a passion for words. Some of the poems beg to be written at 4 a.m, others slide into her consciousness and nag for days before being released in their rightful order. Others still join hands with other poems to form stories and performances., "I'd like to retrace the steps of our dysrhythmic tango..."

Last updated October 14, 2014