What We Leave Behind

STELLA!! He screamed this Brando guy…. in a Street Car Named Desire,
Mr. Dean he died in a crash… of twisted metal and fire.

We had John Wayne…Superman they were our heroes of the day,
when we were 18 we knew it all…. we were going to do it our way.

We grew, we learned, or did we really think,
we could change the world, with nod and a wink.

We marched for civil rights and against your stinkin war,
the latest fad that was us… hoola hoops, and more.

Peace and love, oh that was our daily fare,
we lived our lives for the day with nary a care.

Cops chasing pushing making us feel small,
we aged we learned some of us grew tall.

The years went by so fast it seemed,
the world went on as it does but not as we… dreamed.

Now in our culture and in our ways we indeed are set,
Looking back over decades do we all have some regret?

Hate runs deep ten thousand years of strife,
tension so thick… you could cut it with a knife.

Is there hope for the future we really don’t know?
We teach our children then we let them go.

Some will drop on the spot some will fade away,
remembered by the living for that is the world’s way.

But this my friends…this… is oh so right,
like McQueen in Papillion we keep trying to escape into the night.

Don’t take my kindness for weakness I’m no fool,
after all it was my generation that invented cool.

I’ve seen it all before of that I am fairly sure,
I write… I think…all to be left behind


Robert Saltzman's picture

Author/Poet Robert Saltzman was raised in Brooklyn but spent most of his adult life in Chicago. He invents the characters in his writing by drawing upon his childhood memories and flair for the dramatic. With a writing style that is real and never sugar coated or phony, Saltzman endeavors to entertain his readers. Saltzman has two beautiful grandchildren. He’s currently retired and living in Florida.

Last updated April 02, 2015