Special 6 am

A day in a quiet place, with four walls surrounded you, and a half broken window, and many black ants that are marched behind the window, you probably feel scared and suddenly wake up at 6 am. It’s early but it is going to be late. Seconds and seconds go further till you open your eyes and say a lot, see a lot, sense a lot, smell a lot, wish a lot, and help a lot with a new feeling of grows and sublimity which always remind you "you were nothing", " you are nothing " and " you will be one the the same nothing ". A real nothing as human being and our table, but full of being as creature will bring you another 6 am, with an open window and a white-dressed black ant who invite you a coffee.

Thirst of Mirage

Mostafa Sarabzadeh was born in Sep.1989, Mashhad, Iran. He is a research associate in Exercise Physiology / Neural rehabilitation and has been a member of Iran's National Elites Foundation since 2016, followed by some national and international honorary awards and research grants in the field of rehabilitation and public health. As like his main profession, he has published two collections of poetry, named ' Thirst of a Mirage and Meteorological report of Heart ', which both as like all his handwritings are based on critical look to real stories driven by human being' negligence within every day life. A philosophical point of view retrieved from an word-play between uncertain self-knowledge and universe perception.

Last updated May 19, 2021