Green Notes

A speedy S.U.V, drunk at midnight,
Kills two and vanishes in gleaming light.
Alive was the R.T.O., but lost in sleep,
Could he get suspended and beg on that street?

But what else can be done,
When shown two notes,
Ignored then ridded
Off to the roads?
If the driver was caught
In the mid street,
He would shamelessly grin,
showing all his teeth.
Then drive out two notes,
of a corrupted crime.
The officer was a criminal to
Take them at that time.

Then after two nights, the case would rise
Of the dead two innocents who were killed by a wise,
Could a pantheon at least fix this in time?
An eye of ire on the world of such a crime?

We all should sit and repeatedly think,
Why crime comes within an eyes’ blink?
I know, these green notes break out the stem,
I want these to vanish and begin the barter system.
His car should be burnt up, and he should be trialed.
Then would the police station’s number ever be dialed?
May there be the energy drink to the gods,
Which poisons up the ghosts in all the money lords.

But what else can be done,
If again shown those notes?
Could heavens be corrupted
And brought to the roads?
-Mrunmayi Mandan

Mrunmayi Mandan

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Philosophy, material poems and scenic poems are my whole and soul.

Last updated February 02, 2015