Your choice

Your choice
Helplessness, nervousness, tumbling down,
You could only feel till you touch the ground,
Everything and everywhere, exuberance or despair,
You control and you decide from your toe to your hair,
You can change the world you are in,
You can fly without wings or swim with no fins,
Your fate has been molded by your palms,
You can fill it with either pleasure or harms,
Rudeness, disharmony, nuisance and noise,
Your behavior is according to your choice,
Hurt, kill, harm or just run away,
The future changes through the way,
No one can turn up your pleasant time,
Till you chain yourself in endless crime,
Remorse, crying and weeping hard,
Are the circumstances of the latter part,
But the decision is yours, how to prove
You can be the nest with your every move,
Quit all the bunkum and quaff the wisdom,
Win power and build a knowledge kingdom,
Creep low from the things that hack the heads,
Be polite in speech an consider the instead,
Possess a strong will and a brawny brain,
Then look how you could keep up in the strongest rain,
Don’t aim for the sky, target the thing beyond,
From the deadliest hells then you could abscond.
No one can keep you away from wealth,
Till you train your mind and mend your health,
Believe in truth and god and behave with poise,
Because, after all, winning is by your choice.
-Mrunmayi Mandan

Mrunmayi Mandan

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Philosophy, material poems and scenic poems are my whole and soul.

Last updated February 02, 2015