Back I Go to My Prison

I have locked myself in here,
Why don’t I go out there?
Don’t I hold my freedom dear?

So, I sneak out clandestinely,
To make my first move towards my family
But what I see is the absence of love, compassion, warmth and humility.

The streets are crowded with so many pseudo- intellectuals,
Who profess to follow so many ‘isms’
Till I found that they hold nothing dearer than materialism.

The rich want a catch,
The poor want to snatch,
In this game, ‘everybody is at scratch’

Women complain of being exploited,
Men retort as being targeted,
There’s a need for these jargons to be deconstructed.

I found out my way through somehow,
And came across a blood-soaked dove,
She said, “This is the worth of peace my love!”

Strangulated, I return back to my prison
Because I find no reason,
To live freely in a world full of treason.

Ms Tabzeer Yaseen

Tabzeer Yaseen's picture

I am a resident of the beautiful valley of Kashmir which is also my birthplace. I am passionate about writing poems as I believe that it is the best medium though which my emotions and feelings can be expressed. Writing poems isn't only a means of expression but for me it is a part and parcel of how I see myself. When it comes to the themes of my poetry they can range from writing on my spiritual yearnings, human relations, the position of women and of course the turmoil that goes on within me because of my incompatibility with what my world is moving towards. I am currently a Doctoral Student in the University of Kashmir pursuing my research on "Muslim Feminism". My prefer to pen down my poems in Urdu and English.

Last updated April 03, 2015