I Salute You , O Women!

You should have an existence of your own,
This is the dream that I have sown.

Don’t get lost in this crowd,
Do stand apart and make yourself feel proud.

You always sacrifice yourself for others,
Retaining many oceans of sorrows.

Sometimes mother, sometimes wife, sometimes sister,
Who gives her best in every character.

Buried deep down are your desires,
Which are burnt in various pyres.

Your own life has been a complex plot,
To others you taught to untie the knot.

A world of compassion and humility you encapsulate,
which is difficult to emulate.

The one who is your groom,
Steps forward to trample you soon.

Every single moment you die,
Those are concealed in your eyes.

For every one you are a burden,
But they don’t realize the potential hidden.

Don’t get disappointed, have faith,
For your flight will be great.

Don’t question the law of nature,
It’s the society that makes you such a creature.

I salute you, O Women!
For under your feet there is heaven.

Ms Tabzeer Yaseen

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I am a resident of the beautiful valley of Kashmir which is also my birthplace. I am passionate about writing poems as I believe that it is the best medium though which my emotions and feelings can be expressed. Writing poems isn't only a means of expression but for me it is a part and parcel of how I see myself. When it comes to the themes of my poetry they can range from writing on my spiritual yearnings, human relations, the position of women and of course the turmoil that goes on within me because of my incompatibility with what my world is moving towards. I am currently a Doctoral Student in the University of Kashmir pursuing my research on "Muslim Feminism". My prefer to pen down my poems in Urdu and English.

Last updated April 03, 2015