by Muralidharan Mudaliar


Sparkling and brimming she came
inviting me to laugh and quaff
So dancing her stance
And so enticing her glance

With all her charm and all her wit
for nothing more she pleads
than an iota of love to please
One drop of love to quench and appease

In all my ploy and play
She looks for that one speck
One spark of love
One merciful piece
To quench an ancient thirst and appease

For all my pain and many agony
One iota of love I could not clone
From any single sincere bone
For her to quench her thirst and appease

I wish I could
for the life of me I wish I could
eke out love for the life of me
One ounce for her to quench and appease

Feb 2012

Muralidharan Mudaliar

in every way, in every deed, at every time... some words, rise and describe.. something, deep and clear.. sometimes, i follow, sometimes i linger.. sometimes i write.. and what is lost i do not mourn, what i have i do cherish.. and some i do want to share

Last updated February 06, 2012