by Nachoem M. Wijnberg

What is the advantage in knowing how something ends,
Being able to ask someone who wants to explain it to be quiet?

I can’t find something and I have looked everywhere I thought it might be.
Shall I look somewhere else first or look again where I have already been?

It’s too difficult to find my way from place to place to see if I can see what I am trying to find.
Maybe someone else can take me from place to place?

I’ve heard that nothing has ever happened that wasn’t good for me too.
Silence, muted light on grass, there must be an advantage for me in that.

I’ve told everyone I won’t be here this evening,
But I haven’t gone far because I kept coming back to make sure no one was at my door.

That might not be the place with the best chance of finding me,
But if someone is looking for me there and I am not there, that someone will be lost.

I sell the wine Ghalib drinks when evening has come.
As payment I take what Ghalib has when evening comes.

Last updated November 13, 2022