The Spell of Attraction

Space and astral harmonies,
steps and leaves,
are compressed in our passion.
We follow the spirits of rivers
and find the forget-me-not flowers,
that you pick to plant in my heart,
transforming the two of us in
little blue petals of love,
shining eternally
in the mirror of dreams.

We enter the old tunnel of time,
you take my hand and
we run to the old castle,
hiking on the little hill,
when the night is embracing us
with its blaze.
Suddenly, you open the old gate of the castle
and take its keys,
disappearing in the darkened horizon
and forgetting me in there.

It's a blurred night, the owls are singing
and spiders are dancing,
My soul needs your light
and I am alone,
and I am trying to talk to the candles,
but the candles are speaking to the old walls,
leaving my shadow to get into the conversation
with the moon.

And the moon is chanting now,
Looking for us,
The moon is calling us,
to open the gates of eternity.

Stars, planets, meteors,
are all searching for us,
and the old stone castle
is sending its shadow in our dreams.

You reappear and reflect yourself
on the moonlight
of the deep waters of the nights.

The sky is crying and you leave your hope in my heart,
You came back with the tears of the sky,
you came back, close to my cold body,
covering me with your light and a force
that I cannot understand,
the strong light envelops us,
taking us to another dimension,
where our bodies and souls are
the lyrics of the primordial time.

You touch me and the music of time is absorbing us,
we fly, we dream, we don't want to be separated.

I am now the leaf that stays near the tree
when the wind is trying to take me away,
you keep me there,
you don't let me fall,
you hold me in your branches, as a part of you,
but the wind is strong, and the wind is there,
and the wind is screaming
in the deep darkness of the night,
and I fly towards a new season,
and you dance around me,
and you don't let me go,
and you break your branches for me,
we both fall, we both scream, we both change,
we are transformed into particles of attraction,
we become a part of the eternal light,
a light that is projected in the
pure crystalline water of dreams.

Then we both float,
under the moonlight,
like two lotus flowers,
and we shine,
we fly, and sing, and smile,
and we are cold and hot,
and the happiness is
giving us a new sign,
and the moonlight is encircling us,
again and again,
under the spell of attraction.

Later, we are walking hand in hand,
in the human form of the celestial magnetism,
you take me to open the gates
of other castles,
and we run, we sing, we dream together,
visualizing the immortality.
In the church of stones you kiss my soul
and our hearts fly together to paradise,
where a sidereal arc of tomorrow
is painting our path,
Then, we run again in the rain,
and we smile and cover ourselves
with the bliss of an ancient spell.

December 2021

Nicole Vasilcovschi's picture

The Romanian writer, Tudor Opriş, appreciates that in a world of the underground feelings, Nicole Vasilcovschi is a different writer and she remains an example, a poet of stars, of cosmic expansion of our souls and of romantic projection in the universe. Nicole writes beautiful poems with motivational message as an invitation to meditation, love, travel and self-discovery.

Last updated January 06, 2022