First kiss for Arys and Nikys

Snow and candles,
White streets and silence,
in a city with hills and mountains.
We keep the window closed because
it is a cold night.
I am looking at you and I discover that
there is a part of my world.
Our eyes are speaking
and our lips are running to be together.

The first kiss came
with the force of the winter
and the silence of the night.
The first kiss is going down from
the dreams to reality,
the first kiss gave us
the first moment of real happiness,
it has opened the door of an eternity together.

The first kiss has taken us in
The world of tomorrow
And has made us feel
The power of love.
You, me, energies of a universe
that is so deep and nice.
Me, you, lights in the nights
Of winter and steps in
the ways of life.

Together we discover
the first kiss of love
in our life.
Together, we are writing the history
of our travel in time.

Each moment of yesterday is converted
by our kiss in the segments
for understanding the future.

When I feel your heart,
I know that we are made
To build with a kiss
A new world together.

August 2012

Nicole Vasilcovschi's picture

The Romanian writer, Tudor Opriş, appreciates that in a world of the underground feelings, Nicole Vasilcovschi is a different writer and she remains an example, a poet of stars, of cosmic expansion of our souls and of romantic projection in the universe. Nicole writes beautiful poems with motivational message as an invitation to meditation, love, travel and self-discovery.

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