Virtuous Love

I love myself, so I love you
I know meaning of love.
But Listen before thinking me mean,
I am not being mean, rather being factual;
And showing you the world that is actual
From deep inside my heart,
I think about this issue.
I’ll think again and again,
One, Two, Three, Four, Five-
Till I convince myself as a right person.
But I wish you to listen my ideas and yes I know,
You will dance with fun.
If you have experienced similar problem
This may be answer for you, because-
Common problem probably means common view.
I know what happens if somebody,
Your nearer ones abandon you. Because;
I know the real meaning of love.
Love which is real ‘genuine from heart,
Never letting us be apart
Yes, love always merges our life’s cart
Half of play is your part ‘other my part.
Making our wonder world beautiful,
Love makes everything look cool.
Pain, no dought it flees very far,
Very! Very! Far where we cannot grasp;
Even if we have speediest car
But this love comes in positive mind;
To the person who is very kind
To the person who have thrown ego behind,
And to the person whose soul is fine.

Rajendra Ojha (Nayan)

Rajendra Ojha's picture

Rajendra Ojha is a poet as well as essayist of both English and Nepali literature. He is also a social worker and dramatist., Born in 1994 in Far west Nepal, Rajendra started his literary career at the age of 12. According to his family members He was born as Healthy person but at the day, when god writes his future he felt very sick and was about to die. So his mother and other family member who believed in this principle made Rajendra as their special interest, as a whole subject. His father Khagendra Prasad Ojha is professor of T.U. and his mother Krishna Devi Ojha works in Valley View as Montessori in-charge and Montessori Liberian at Valley View English School of Nepal. His father was also Gold Medalist of Masters in Commerce at 2053 B.S. Along with This his mother was social worker and only female learned scholars of her Village. In fact whole District at her time., He have two seablings Rabina and Rabindra Ojha. Both of them have their specific Talents., Rajendra also have built up his career as dramatist and Social worker from the age of 15. Some of his Works are as follows:-, Literary Work:-, Published book : Through The World ( 2011), Published Work : Different article, essay, poems, stories of both English and Nepali language have been published in different National and International Newspapers., Drama Performed:-, Teacher's Day ( 2009), Hoshihaar (Nepali Drama) ( 2010), Bhola (Nepali Drama) (2011), He started his schooling from E.P.S. and ended in Valley View English School, Nepal passing S.L.C. in First Division. He graduate his Higher Secondary from Golden gate International College, Nepal taking English Literature as major subject. Currently He is Bachelor Student of International Relation (BAIR) at University Of Warsaw, Poland., If you WANT TO KNOW MORE VISIT YOUTUBE .COM or visit :, (Official Websites) . You can also find him on

Last updated April 02, 2015