Best Friend

by Nicole M Nugent


The Autumn leaves fall to the ground
Loss of a best friend, makes a silent rue
Deep sadness imbues a crushed leafy mound
A lonely heart aches, padded footsteps overdue.
A mans time to cry as winter sheds its mist
If only, If only one more day of summer, I miss
Let the leaves and the mist fall wistful and crisp
And may the kindle of Spring find you a home
For your heart to blossom and footsteps to roam
With that twinkle in your eye and skip in your step.
The fond memories of a best friend, evermore to be kept.

Poetry by Nicole M Nugent

Nicole Nugent

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My poetry has developed over the years and inspired by love, relationships won and lost and by seeking a deeper understanding of life.

Last updated June 08, 2011