by Nicole M Nugent

Love is frightening Cinderella
Strong and in control of the wicked minded.
Who will condition you know?

Love is lonely Snow-White
Demure and uncorrupted by the deceitful.
Where have the seven wonders of adoration gone?

Love is exhausting Sleeping Beauty
Peaceful and uncorrupted from the brainwash.
What for beauty that lies beneath?

Love is hopeful Rupunzel
Fair and golden hidden away where no one can touch you.
How will you be rescued now?

Love is not a fairytale single white female
Bare and stripped of your dignity.
When will you gather your courage and clarity
And believe in yourself?

Nicole M Nugent

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My poetry has developed over the years and inspired by love, relationships won and lost and by seeking a deeper understanding of life.

Last updated June 08, 2011