First Look at Mom

First Look at mom
With my eyes winking,
Looking at her,
Kept on thinking,

This golden lady
Took me to earth,
Cared for a fragile teddy
And gave me birth,

Played with me
As I was a little one,
Which made me dream
And create fun,

Her love divine
Makes me grow,
With that time
For my destiny to be drawn...


Nikhil Jain's picture

I am a sixteen year old school boy from India. I developed an ambition of writing poems and that’s why I started writing many poems about my life and some about nature. While my sirs, teachers, parents and my sister are always my role models, I got a new role model. I hope that she will show me the path of success.
And the last thing I have to tell to all of you is that “My ambitions never ends”. It means that I have many ambitions in my life and I have to follow all of them.

Last updated September 04, 2015