Heat Wave

by Norma Martiri

Outstretched limbs shelter us
as we slowly sip iced tea.
Sweaty glasses compete against sweaty bodies.
Mango juice drips down our arms as the
familiar summer flavour bursts in our mouths.
The children squeal with cool delight
playing endless games in the spouting sprinkler.
The poor old dog sits in the dirt
panting, panting, struggling.
He listens to the friendly banter
hanging in the stifling air.
Then a sudden breeze wraps around us
like a cool, wet layer of pleasure
that at last offers welcomed relief.
Life is good under the mango tree.

Norma Martiri's picture

Norma Martiri lives and works in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and youngest daughter. She is an emerging writer and brings her life experiences to the written word. Norma loves nature and the simple things in life, and this is reflected in her poetry.

Last updated April 07, 2011