If I Were a Tree

by Norma Martiri

What would I do if I were a tree?
I’d regard life in the surrounds.
Mankind would live within nature’s law,
Respecting the natural compounds.

What would I do if I were a tree?
Regenerate earth’s atmospheres.
Mankind would inhale nature’s fresh breath,
Across the world’s vast hemispheres.

What would I be if I were a tree?
Majestic and free as I grew.
Mankind would be left to live and grow,
And the earth as one would renew.

What would I see if I were a tree?
I’d see beauty in life around.
Mankind would see the beauty in me,
In harmony life would abound.

Norma Martiri's picture

Norma Martiri lives and works in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and youngest daughter. She is an emerging writer and brings her life experiences to the written word. Norma loves nature and the simple things in life, and this is reflected in her poetry.

Last updated September 13, 2011