I was born with a cry

by Nur Al-Alam

O my Beloved!
I was born with a cry.
Didn’t know why?
Perhaps, for separation from heaven above,
Or maybe, for safety, protection and love.

But before knowing where I was landed,
What was I signed-up for,
Even before a tear was dropped,
Blessed was I, to have
Abundance of love and hug,
Kisses, cuddles and soothing snug.

O my Beloved!
What a marvellous plan!
You served me with the warm milk,
From a white river flowing
In my mom's breast sacred
Artfully separated from her blood red.

I was helpless, selfless
But in complete surrender,
Never knew what to expect
Here in Earth, down-under.

Even before I knew You,
Or anyone to be found,
Love and compassion was
Showered upon me without bound!

I knew nothing, how I ended up in my mother’s womb ,
From the “Day of Alastu” ,
From the womb of creation,
How an angel breathed my soul
On to me, in my mom’s womb!

I wondered, how I had my hearing,
Four months before my arriving
To this earthly plane,
To my amazement,
I recognized my mother’s voice
She lifted me with love and affection,
Despite her sorrows and pain.

My Beloved, you made
Everything ready, before even I arrive,
A family, friends and an Earth to survive.
Bestowed a loving physique wallah
With gifts of mind, intellect and ‘Fitrat-Allah’
Grace of knowledge to understand that,
“We are all kings in the kingdom of our King
We do what we like, but yet
Everything is His doing
We have our own ways, but
All ways lead to His Way
Then in what terms do we meet our King? ”

My Beloved, thank You for the gifts of
Feelings, Touch, Taste and Sight
Every day in everything, I find
Reflected in them, your Love and Light

Without a kingdom, you made me a King
To govern my subjects like Ego, Will Power, Mind,
Intellect, Desire and Thought spring ,
With a chariot of Body and Limbs
Supporting army of senses and emotions
Knowledge, perceptions, memory & other ammunitions!

For the sheer pleasure of my eyes,
You created this beautiful uni-verse,
With an earth full of plants, animals
And the sky full of planets and stars.

My Beloved, O Great of greatness!
When I look up, I see “Maha-Sunya”
Where this world of Earth floats with
Other planets, stars, galaxies and super nova,
In a space of “Great Zero”
Contained is everything,
Our worlds, womb of creation with ova.
Zero being nothing,
Dome of the Universe is the
Container of nothingness of void,
Out of nothingness, You created everything!
But mystery of creation is revealed in Your word,
“My Love, my Mercy encompasses everything” !

My Beloved, dazzled I am by Your Beauty
Reflected in your creation,
My eyes are charm-struck as in glue,
In the web of Maya weaved in the landscape
Adorned with the colours of Gold, Silver, Green and Blue.

Wonder-struck I am, by your magic of intelligence
Flowing through every object reminding your presence
Making me think,
How the two flower trees into the garden of same soil
Produce different colours, fragrances with no toil.

Blown away is my mind,
When I am to find,
Strawberry and Chilli trees next to each other
Make fruits - one tastes Sweet, and Hot the other.

My Beloved, You revealed to me in Quran,
“Let man reflects on the food he eats” ,
So I wonder how beautiful blending of sweetness,
Made in mangoes by Mango trees
Even my computerised blender fails to
Make a cake, of such purity & smoothness!

You created me out of Your Love ,
Same is true for plants, animals and all.
But You gifted me with
The power of thought and speech
Taught me use of Pen , and honoured me
In ranks amongst Your creations all .

When I stand in front of plants & trees
My mind goes into ‘talking’ mode
As-if I am a Telco transmission node
I say to plants, they say to me
We understand, empathize and absorb
But inside I feel Your Love.

Although I grow out of earth like a plant
Freedom of motion, was bequeathed upon me,
And rooted to ground, was the fate of plants,
What an honour I feel!
When I find plants also give me oxygen to breathe.
“Glory to You, my Lord”!
I hear my heart say, so I pray, I kneel.

I stand next to animals,
They have voice and motion,
But no thought & speech of notion,
Nor they can read or write,
Or any thinking rational bright,
My heart feels with Gratitude,
And inside I feel Your Love, rectitude.

I played with other children
Played with toys
Felt the love and joys
But didn’t know then
That it was You with me, all along!

Youth dawned; my wife came as a singing dove,
Melting my heart with ecstasy and love !
A sweet love indeed! But of different kind,
Than the love I felt in my mother,
Didn’t know then, that my Beloved,
Those were different tastes of Your Love, Your Wine!
Part of Your Signatures and Signs!

Gifted was I with my own child,
Overflowing was my heart with love wild,
But I was told, by someone bold,
“Your children are not your children.
They are sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you.
And though they are with you
Yet they belong not to you.”

So wonder-struck I remain, in my ‘Suluk’ journey,
Riding the Caravan of life,
With a craving to reach your closeness,
Like a bee, flocking to the honey.

Now, in the autumn of my life,
Departed from this earthly plane, is my mother;
Grown-up and busy with their own journey, are my children!
Different kind of feeling, I feel.

My heart still longing for a long time
For a “Drink of Love” which is known only by its taste
The tiny tinge of that love which I tasted
In my infancy & childhood,
In my boyhood and youth hood,
In my adulthood and fatherhood
But still is empty, my heart, my cup!
Longing, a calling and a longing,
More thoughts of Love, flowing
From the devine spring unseen, rising up and up!

My Beloved, O Generous, the Compassionate!
Companions of Prophet, whom you loved
You graced them with Sakina
Same longing in my hearts arena
Making me drunken with full of raptures.

O Thou, the Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty!
How do I come with a beautiful “Qalb-e-Selim” ,
You wanted me to come to meet You on the D-Day,
Unless, upon me is thy infinite Mercy, O Sublime!

O Heart of Hearts, effulge my heart!
Pour upon me blissful Peace, Love and Light,
Point me to the Guide,
Who would walk me to my Beloved,
With lots of guidance and delight!

Grant me thy Grace, O Lord!
O most Merciful of the Merciful,
Embrace me with your Mercy
To include me amongst
Your beloveds, adorned with a Self-Assured Soul! ”

Nur Al-Alam

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Nur Al-Alam is a Sufi based writer. He lives in Melbourne, Australia since his migration there in 1992 from Bangladesh. Besides his day job as IT Project Manager, Nur is a personal seeker of the Truth, a student traveller to the path of Blessed Ones (Sirat al-ladhina an’ămta ălaihim), a wayfarer thirsty to experience the divine wine of Love, Harmony and Beauty.

Last updated April 25, 2013