Poetry of Infinity

by Cindy H Clark

A Shepherds Forest hold many barricades some for wild enemies and others of protection .
A Good Shepherd stands upon the mountain tops overseeing below
Enemies closing in against the sheep of his fields places too steep to climb or too rocky for the foothold
Shepherds hand drawn to mine leading the trails of enemies following close behind .
A shepherd strong no fear in sight only a song in the darkest of night
Finding rest under a tree maybe a cave it will be
Shepard's forest many creatures we may not know .Staff in hand guiding us over each foe
Morning light upon the rise safely leading as we go for darkness can not follow upon a greater light from a Shepherd that loves us so .
Many are called but only few can endure a shepherds trail so steep and sometimes wide
We follow the plans guideing under his feet down we go to safety's below .. A good Shepherd
that are called sheep .
Many wolf's come in many disquises but there's only one true Shepherd that leads us as we pray he shall never lead us astray but carry his flock upon his shoulders nursing ,caring us the way ..A Good Shepherd may be young maybe old one thing is foretold there is a cross he gave his own life to carry a world and save every soul
He's the Good Shepherd we know and love
He's our Good Shepherd
Standing over all of earth watching his flock dispelling with one hand darkness that steals kills destroys .He will hear your cries and see your tears .He says believe be not afraid you belong to the light of day ...

Cindy H Clark

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Spiritually blessed in visions dreams Prophetic revelations. Living for God 20 years

Last updated March 21, 2017