My first seen

A jeering sun once rose
And all she knew
Flower of her dream never grew
But in home of her own was a growing rose
That brought her smile and joy with hope
Eighth of months third day of week
Stress of delivery so she was weak
After I was born, like hen and her chick
My first seen elevated highest, her merriness than mountains' peak
Though in that moment of abating pains
Her brightest heart was a sun shine on flowery plains

Osman cisse Hanif

Osman cisse Hanif's picture

Hanif is a humble, gentle boy who always casts minds, ideas and natural elements into his brain. He just wants to explore to know how natural nature is., He had spoken early enough at an unexpected phase while he was still crawling but walked later in life., It has been reported that there wasn't any vivid transition of the time he learnt how to speak clear, his ability to speak as a child was heard clearly even at his first time as compared to other toddlers. His Clear speech before he toddled. This was no reason than that which reflected his attitude of loquaciousness. He has being having enough of this, and for this reason he always wish to express him self in written words than spoken words.

Last updated December 19, 2013