wonder life

It is just a scenery,  changing with a blink or a dream ,  which has no real link
leading and working ,as i m involved sometimes i m out ,and mysteries are solved
many aspects of each happening many phases of game we playing
loving and fearing , which is no where lost and a come back ,to the world present here
the path long traveled , dont know who created often questions knocking ,but never being carried
getting from the known and unknowns,n exciting situations strange may be all is fake , or out of being range
forgetting every forscene with eyes acting blind faith is a music to play the notes unwind                  

Pallavi singh

Pallavi Singh's picture

I m writing since my childhood...i was in sixth standard when i started writing.its somewher in my soul.for me poems can give as much pleasure as a rain on one.

Last updated July 19, 2012