by Önder Kurt

It was an autumn season when I first saw you
Your first glance at me was a rose left from the spring
It was a spring day when I bonded anguishes
All the roses blooming in that fury glare withered.

I don’t look for other eyes looking at me like that
Happy with the first emotion, shining like the sun
In the dreams in flames, a swing begins to burn
What shook me was your distant eyes, god!

With my own hands I destroyed the glass houses
Looking at the mirrors my young face grew old
When waken up from the deathful sleep, I saw the light
Laying down in front of me was the thousand of bunches of grapes

In my inner self ,I grew up a newly spring
Like longing from a mother to her child
In a yearning way I soothed my sadness
Like dampness in the earth after the rain

From poor pavements I stole ordeals
What wets my pillow is my heartsick tears
Destroying my dreamland , I was left half done
Now, with my sins I stone the devils.

Önder Kurt

Önder Kurt's picture

Önder Kurt, was born in İstanbul, Turkey in 1983, is publishing his poems on internet for the present but his book action is ready to publish. He is a poet and labour economist and he works for a IT firm as a customer finance specialist for 3 years in İstanbul. His pen studies include some themes that are philosophy, psychology, faith, life, love, domestic values, event and its impresses on community and so on. He joined some national literature awards and contests in Turkey and he achieved degrees as first prizes and some mansions with his poems. His pen studies (poem, assay, letter, story) publishes in national mags, anthologies and elite books., He now lives in İstanbul and join some activities about literature. He is married and has a son, he is only one and a half year-old.

Last updated September 09, 2011