Mermaid Tavern

by Patrick Kavanagh

Patrick Kavanagh

No System, no Plan,
Yeatsian invention,
No all-over
Organizational prover.
Let words laugh
And people be stimulated by our stuff.

Michelangelo’s Moses
Is one of the poses
Of Hemingway
Jungle-crashing after prey.
Beckett’s garbage-can
Contains all our man
Who without fright on his face
Dominates the place
And makes all feel
That all is well.

Yet without smuggery
Or the smirk of buggery
Or any other aid
We have produced our god.
And everyone present
Becomes godded and pleasant
Confident, gay –
No remorse that a day
Can show no output
Except from the gut.

In the Name of The Father,
The Son and The Mother,
We explode
Ridiculously, uncode
A habit and find therein
A successful human being.

Last updated April 02, 2023