Yellow Vestment

by Patrick Kavanagh

Patrick Kavanagh

Lately I have been travelling by a created guidance,
I invented a Superintendent, symbol henceforth vaster
Than Jupiter, Prometheus or a Chinese deity in alabaster.
For love’s sake we must only consider whatever widens
The field of the faithful’s activity. See over there
Water-lilies waiting to be enchanted by a folk song chanted.
On the road we walk nobody is unwanted;
With no hate in his heart or resentment each may wear
The arrogant air that goes with a yellow vestment.
Do not be worried about what the neighbours will say,
Deliver your judgment, you are independent
Of the man in the pub whose word is essential to happiness,
Who gives you existence. O sing to me some roundelay
And wear with grace the power-invoking habit.

Last updated April 02, 2023