I Am Me

I am confident in my gifts,
I am faithful to my calling, Writing is my calling,
My gifts are strength and character,
I am who I am, I am a young,
Strong-willed and unbreakable African, I am ME,
I am a Mabiletsa, one of many men who is ‘STILL’ in his heart,
I am what God says I am,
I am the light to my children and the pillar to my family and friends,
I am the success that comes with hope, I am WHO GOD SAYS I AM.
The man whom God has faithfully guided,
Although I never knew before,
Now I am fully aware that he loved me because he knows what he has deposited in me.
I am NEO, a gift, a pillar, a mirror to many,
I am the stick for the Elder,
I am a pot in his hands,
I am water that puts together an African Meal called Pap,
My life reflects who I am, My God has a plan and I am available to learn.
I am ME and I Love ME.

Patrick Neo Mabiletsa

Patrick Neo Mabiletsa is a consultant at one of South Africa's major Consumer and corporate credit bureau, specializing in credit management, he's also an author, poet and singer, he plays the drums and likes to read non-fiction books, but most of all he is a believer in Christ Jesus and married with two kids. He gets his inspiration to write from his life experiences and monotonous past.

Last updated April 11, 2013