O Man

O Man
O Man, spare some energy for mankind
They are your co-journey persons and need your help.

O Man, you are deluged in own fantasies and the dream world
Take out some time to see the ground realities.
O Man, they are co-brethren and live in penury
Develop some establishments so they can also find employment.

O Man, you are surrounded by experts who claim to know something
Your men are illiterate, show some light to them also.
You are housed in comforts & luxuries which is dreamt by many
Create some conditions so that all can live with honour.

You are man of freedom of ideas and interact with finest books
Your men are just sandwiched in superstitions and a fixed mind.
You are an exploring mind to the extent possible and take out best of it
Their capabilities remain fixated and no way seen to use much mind.

You are trained in the best schools, colleges with very good teachers
They are forced in schools without rooms, toilets and even teachers.
You are given all required infrastructure for development of self
They have meagre tools, no know-how / prescription & hence half-concepts.

You roam in the world with best transport means & staying facilities
They remain closeted in villages, small towns, slums and don’t much see the world.
You interact with many persons & have opportunity to learn from others
They remain fixed with few people and bigger world is not much opened to them.

O Man, your job is mainly to brood and direct the attached ones
They are mere labourers just obeying orders of higher ones.
You work in cosy, lighted rooms and much available on just desire
They just are like beasts of burden and fatigued like always seen.

O Man, you do not go to people and ask their how-about
This is not a fair approach as not-letting communication.
All people have right to develop self so conditions require to be created
Absence causes many lives remaining half-filled and not seeing full light.

The best medicines, care is available and you live generally long
They are weak, gazing undesiringly and not getting enough calories.
You can preserve, rear children in good way and live life of affluence
They do not have much to leave; children follow same and thus miserable lives.

You can think & strategize best due to benefits of training & education
They are poor designers of lives and generally fail in pursuits.
You are able to influence worthy ones and take decisions as required
They do not have approach such and romp just from pillars to posts.

O Man, share some yours to reduce gaps created artificially due to selfishness
You can modify social ways by thinking & actions.
Remember they have also showered their little boons for your happiness
Now it is your duty to pay them back a little with all due sincerity & honesty.

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I am a Civil Engineer and Management by education & profession. I write in Hindi and English both prose and poetic.

Last updated December 14, 2014