Greece Madum...!

She sashayed towards me
Like an angel
Spreading moonlight
All over the path she treaded
Enchanted I kept staring at her
At last I managed a word, "Kalimera"(Good Morning)
She smiled and held my hand
I felt at that minute;
that was the hand; the holy hand that has been
Guarding me from near and afar, so far!

Why me alone? Every man got a Guardian Angel
unseen and unknown behind him
Walking him carefully through her protective aura

When I saw her for the first time I had that feeling
“What happens to a man, sans a woman
What is a man? Isn’t he a struggling sampan in life-ocean main?
And woman his beacon giving him vision and hope
Who leads him through swirling eddies towards the safest shores

I’m like a burning ruddy night
While lighting my hopes and desires
While dusking my mind-Sun towards the West
While adjusting my falling castles
I turn towards her and seek her arms

The warmth of her love and tenderness
Always so close touching my heart
Sometimes, like the souring up Meditarian tides
Sometimes like the meditative Olympus mount
Sometimes like swirling emotional waves of Panes

Soon after I veneered my imagery and images
With my heavy eye-lids and whispered
"Kallinixta" (goodnight) in her ears
Engulfs me a long reverie
Impaling through my silent-blanket

On this unending earth
Be it that shore or this shore
She knows only to love and nurture
A man and manly instincts
Like the pamphlet of Gorky’s Mother

The summit of woe and distress
Ascend or descend
She alone knows how to make a man happy
And she alone!

Original Telugu:Rama Krishna Perugu
Translation: Mydavolu Venkatasesha Sathyanarayana

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Perugu.Ramakrishna(1960), A Tax officer by profession but Poetry is priority passion ..Born in Nellore to, Smt.Kamalamma and Late Venkateswarlu.Writing Poetry in Telugu for the, last 25 years.Got 9 books to credit which includes two Short story Anthologies edited., Recently "Flamingo and other poems"English collection published by Monfakira, Kolkotta., Recipient of Andhra pradesh State Government Visista Kavi Puraskaram from CM, Dr.YSR-2008.Besides several others., Poetry widely translated and published in several e-journals, websites like, muse,,,,,, enchanting verses, and in printed boks titled Poesy of Posy, Indian Literature of sahithya Akademi, Beyond Borders of FOSWAL, world anthologies of Poets International, Russeling Breeze, Haiku published in, Japan's journal "Ginyu", Romania's "Allbotros"and several others., Featured and participated in several National?international Fests Sahithya akademi "New Voices' at Trivandrum, International poetry fest of kritya at CIIL, Mysore, SAARC festival of literature at Delhi and Agra, Recently attended World Congress of Poets-2011 at Larissa, Greece and awarded Exellency of Poetry Award.., Poetry translated in to malayalam, Tamil, kannada, Bengali, Hindi, languages.., Featured world Poet from India Canada 2011.., Can reach at, 9849230443

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