“Mystical bush on sight”

by Jehrson "Joe" Ortonio

“Mystical bush on sight”

by Joe Ortonio

How can I not perceive this bush in front of me;
Where all my day waving its hands on me.
Crafting its movements calling my sight to see;
Wherever I go ensuing to notice by me.

This bush I call mystical indeed;
For embody how marvelous its craftsman would be.
Dancing all the way its present wildly;
Expression of love being total portray.

Untiring praise giving to the one;
Whom ultimately authored thy magical survival.
Blissful I define its art existence;
That no one can shawl its own giftedness.

You touch hues depth by one glance you make;
Towering beacon can everyone breathe.
Rescuing the soul of young heart of breeze;
Even scourging wave transcend into humid.

Flying in the sky with freedom widespread;
Knowing your own reason of why existed.
Delivering joy, giving its own message;
To trust, to love and to give more thanks no end.

JCO 16.01.18 Poem#5

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Jehrson "Joe" Ortonio is a Filipino writer who fell in love in beauty and mystery of writting. He uses his passion in writing to conquer the world by communicating God's Love. He is a husband of Joycha and and a father of a beautiful girl by the name of Alexa.

Last updated January 18, 2016