A Cry of a Virgin

A cry of the virgin
Nobody knew her stance
They thought it was coincidence
Was it worth their rememberence?
It was Just a class master piece

*** ***** ****** *****

She dared the evil minds,
To show people that it was possible.
Though a few people wanted it lost.
As away of proving her patriotism,
With zeal she grasped the medal,
In a naked virgin marathon,
To have her name painted on the walls,
Praises for making them proud.

***** ***** *********

It's today that they return their hope without patience,
She stands in the mirror as they look on,
Dating their minds for a sympathetic victory,
They are just lustful without love.
She cannot make it!
She fails to make it.

******* ***** *****

They now gaze at her with scorn
All sorts of names and jibes she gets
Can a person loose virginity twice?
Would they have proved themselves?
They still curse with grief ,
Instead of appreciating with pride,
Stay focused my virgin I mean my virgin,
Sometimes in life,
Certain people deserve dissapointment.
Before they can partipate in chair dancing.
You are my hero.


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Just hilarious and his poetry is inspired by nature, personal feelings and life... friends call him the walking poet of the 21st century. An undergraduate at Makerere university with Bachelors of Arts with Education (English and Literature). He started writing poetry back at St Marys vocational kyamuhunga. He hails from Bushenyi district UGANDA.

Last updated September 01, 2016