just love

Just love
I have loved a nun
For my hatred she will have none
Its not for fun
Am just her fan
I knew her before she was born
The scriptures say

****** **** *******

I have given her my fear for the veil
I will have to tear inorder not to fail
I may not preach in her image
She may not fully break the vows
Because my feelings are worth her sacrifice
Since she must die for man to live

******* ****** *****

I will kiss her for the bible
Hug her for peace
Romance her for the hosts
I will win my way to the sacristry
We shall be holy together
For life is useless.. Useless and useless.
Let's rush for enternal life


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Just hilarious and his poetry is inspired by nature, personal feelings and life... friends call him the walking poet of the 21st century. An undergraduate at Makerere university with Bachelors of Arts with Education (English and Literature). He started writing poetry back at St Marys vocational kyamuhunga. He hails from Bushenyi district UGANDA.

Last updated September 01, 2016