A Forgotten God

Time lost, gone by, chasing do not know what,
But cannot regain what I have lost for all the glory,
At the end I am all alone,
Maybe revered, maybe desecrated,
A forgotten God.

A human being after all,
Not on the pedestal of my own making,
Just stayed there, till I was permitted,
After that, time to step down,
A broken heart, and soul,
A life shattered,
A forgotten God.

Lived for them, just for them,
For their pleasure, and fulfillment,
And when time came,
When the pleasure lust was fulfilled,
Asked to leave,
A forgotten God.

Who will remember,
Who will worship,
Maybe they will,
In their silence, and in their prayers,
But once they open their eyes,
They will seek it once again,
A forgotten God.

Never wanted to be one,
Never said my wish was granted,
Never asked for it,
But now, when I am weak and old,
Too tired, a broken and bruised body,
The desire to give pleasure remains,
For the sake of love,
But here I am,
A forgotten God.

The path less taken,
The path for the formidable,
Not for the weak hearted,
Not of my choosing,
Never scared, never frightened,
Just for the sake of love,
I knew all along, I will be
A forgotten God.

But given a chance,
In some other life,
I will choose the same pedestal,
The same pain and suffering,
For a few moments of their pleasure,
Just for the sake of love,
Even when I know, that I will be,
A forgotten God.

Sumit Kumar

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Last updated May 31, 2019