Separated By A Distance

Separated by a distance, but for what,
Did we see it coming, I guess not,
Has it really happened is the question we need to ask,
Separated by a distance, are we not,

Did we come a full circle,
Is not there a way beyond,
I know there have been surprises,
But are we to be blamed,
I have not been a bigot, and you have been not,
Separated by a distance, but for what,

Unions are to be cherished,
We knew this all along,
We both loved each other and that we knew,
Then why there is a feeling of void,
I guess I know somewhat, but told you not,
Separated by a distance, but for what,

Is there not a memory we can cherish,
Is there not a moment where we flourished,
I know that we bear no anumous,
But it seems those memories have not helped us,
Separated by a distance, but for what,

When I look beyond the clouds,
I do not know what I see is a silver lining,
Maybe I am too tired, and so are you,
I know we tried to make each other understand,
But have we failed is what we make it out to be,
I know that distances cannot make us fall,
But separated by a distance we are afterall,

I know I cannot say I am sorry,
For I am to be blamed more,
Forgive me if I failed to understand your pain,
I know we cannot say we will do it all again,
But of whatever little we have left,
I know if we try a little hard,
Separated by a distance we will be not.

Sumit Kumar

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Last updated May 31, 2019