A Sweet Voice In The Morning

Nothing better than a sweet voice in the morning
The heart wants to hear whilst working
The voice which soothes the troubles of the last day
The one voice the ears long for every day

The mind could not but relax
The body would start to tingle
The eyes could not but leave all the rest
And would start their self-made jingle

The voice could be of your lover
It could be of your mother
But what will happen
Is really simple

Your legs will proceed towards him or her
They would only stop when you reach the one
Your lips would rouse to kiss him or her
They would do the same at every run

If your world is tumbling down
If you fall to the antonym of crown
It will be the only thing warming
A sweet voice in the morning

Harshwardhan Sharma

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Contemporary Indian, Schoolboy BVB Vidyashram Munshi Marg, Jaipur, Linguist, Sanskrit, Hindi, English, French, Spanish, Write about moods, feels, and nature, Most related to wind, Suffer Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, it's what makes me write

Last updated May 08, 2016