Secret to Happiness

Small thoughts about your loved,
Worries about your children
angrily you wonder wher's happiness!

Duty in the office,
piles of files to complete
with wonder again you wonder wher's happiness!

Rush o'ver breakfast, making ready the meal,
No time to even relax and taste
sudden wonder wher's happiness!

Walking down the street,
a small child I meet,
I throw a smile, ruffle his hair,
he looks and smiles and turns to see
and sudden wonder here's happiness!

An aged man, stopping vehicles by
crossing the road and standing by,
I'm late but still my heart stops there
to hold his hand to lead to cross,
he blesses me and lo I smile here's happiness I declare.

Minoo Pal

A computer science graduate with a flair in writing since childhood.

Last updated May 08, 2016