Break of the day

Break of the day
To me, yea, Iris is invisible,
the scent of yours all pervading,
Behold your face all-rich,
When I close my eyes.
Wordsworth's daffodils to me,
Membrane of the eyes,
that gives light to me,
Light that misleads the morn.
You are the genus iris,
with sword-shaped leaves,
Showy coloured flowers,
displaying rainbow colours
Your eyes green and deep,
Deeper than the depth,
Stilled waters at even,
those eyes, break of the day.
I see a heart full of love,
with the gentleness of a dove,
Feel in her eyes March,
September in her heart.

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He is a life member of the World Academy of Arts & Culture and attended its convention at IASI, Romania in October, 2002 and 25th World of Congress at Los Angeles in August, 2005. He also attended 4th Encuentro Internacional Literario at Montevideo, Uruguay in April, 2003., He has been awarded the honorary degree of Litt.D -by The World Academy of Arts and culture at Los Angeles (USA), in 2005 (UNESCO sponsored), His poems are published in Algeria, Australia, Argentina, Canada, India, Ireland, Italy, Nepal, New Zealand, Romania, Turkey, USA, UK, Uruguay and Zambia.

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