Clean India

Clean India
Oh! My country, Mother India,
Words are not enough to praise you;
You are a home of holy rivers from times immemorial,
Worshiping your feet with their waters perennial;
You are the land of invaluable Vedas and great sages,
That stood you atop in the world for all ages;
You witnessed great events like the Ramayan and the Mahabharath in fact
from which we are learning many valuable lessons;
Even though you were robbed and drained of your tremendous treasures
by aliens in ancient times, you bore them with forbearance.
You never lost your true spirit; That is your merit.
You gave us all this greenery with fresh and pure air, water and soil,
For our blissful life on this beautiful earth with nectar like nature;
But the modern man is polluting all this in many ways
with his indiscriminate and selfish deeds;
Where is the fresh and pure air you gave us?
What made the pure and sweet waters dry and dirty?
Why is the greenery getting dried and dead?
The great Himalayas are shedding tears by melting due to deforestation.
The holy Ganges and many other rivers are suffering from filth.
Certainly there is something wrong with everything.
So that, now you are suffering from different derailments,
Causing us so many unknown fatal ailments.
So, it is the time for you to give your progeny a clarion call,
To keep India clean and make an eternal heaven.

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A teacher of English working in a secondary school and interested in reading English literature and writing poems.

Last updated July 03, 2017