Darling Rain

Are you that brave, my beloved?
You know not where to land!
But you still fall to the ground
And you do that all year round.

If you have a body,
You have died already.
Bones and flesh will scatter
And death will be your lover.

But you are one of those great souls
That roams places and knocks doors.
You bewitch hearts and everything else
Because of your bravery and chills.

The Philippines

JB Nuique's picture

Hello, there! I am actually thegalwithmanynames. But you can call me Jae. I am from the Philippines. I was fifteen when I had my first poem and it was a disaster. I am still trying to write just to express what I feel every time I experience things. And having grammatical errors is one of my weaknesses from the millions that I have. Anyway, enjoy! ^_^

Last updated October 25, 2016