Eternal Dreamer

Every mind is a castle
holding dreams behind its gates

There's a man in constant sleep
A comatose
A sick
He dreams of humanoids with elephant trunks
sitting in garden benches
ashamed of their pink skin and invisible eyes,
they sit like any other man
to strangle the naive with their twisted noses,
to gladly choke the lone passerby…

The man will never wake up,
his neglected beard and smelly nails
are the only sign of life...
A fire lights the scene!
burning the air,
showing things that should never be seen.
A new life he has created
A world of bizarre clanging bells
where only twisted minds cohabit,
not a world for average Joe´s
not a world for heart diseases...
Victorian houses and creepers in modern times
drooling deformed babies in eternal cry,
feelings of tragedy sliding across the sky,
Girls with hornet tails ready to attack!

Every time he dreams
The dream exists…
O Hear me well,
be away from his dying bed
pray you can't smell his breath
don’t let him make you see
what normal eyes cannot embrace…
a world of hunting madmen
feasting with human preys.

Ruy A. Valdés

Mexican by birth, writer at heart, economist by profession and romantic traveller. Living in Korea for no other reason than love.

Last updated February 08, 2017