God's hope is like a rope.

Whenever life looks like it is messed up,
Even when I am beautifully dressed up.
When my head turns up to all bad no good,
And when I realise what should'nt and what should.
When I think there is something wrong,
and I am no more strong.
Suddenly i feel a sense of hope,
Hope that is like a rope.
Rope that takes me along.
Now I reach a place where I am not horrified but glorified,
I see a light insight,
I get to a different aura where he is holding me tight and asking me to fight,
My lord is supreme,
He helps me in extreme,
So I never lose hope,
because there is always krishna's Rope.


Sheena Mehta's picture

I live with positive vibes. I adore god and i have been living up high with god's love. I write what i feel, as i believe writing is all about converting thoughts n feelings into words. My poems would take you to your own world if u feel what i write and relate it to yours. Peace and love.

Last updated June 02, 2016