House no more home

I was a home with life
had love to flow through heart
tiny foots walked, slept on my lap
hiding on my corners
singing song of love
you gave me life
i stood straight even in dark
surviving cold command nature had
to let you see happy here
Now no more am the home
but a house of barren heart
no love to flow through my heart
You decided leave me
at shore of the heart
where you had roots
you set off your roots
to seek another land
You may leave me but
am never alone here
with creepers, insects
Am always in a hope
That your song of love will rise
again from my heart like it was
from the corner you hide

Neptune Barman's picture

I am 18 years old, i am studying in XII standard in science stream at DSR Academy Nalbari. I have published many of my poems in Local Newspaper like The Young Planet of The Asaam Tribune, and recently i have published a book too in Amazon named MY POEMS FOR YOU. I love writing poems it is a medium to express my feelings and how i see the world with my eyes. My Poems are selected in two American journal, The Evergreen Poetry and From the heart.

Last updated January 20, 2017