In this world where I stand
not amongst the chosen man
I dont drive a fancy car
never acquired the taste for caviar
Gay Paris?
To date I cannot afford to travel that far
Looking in the sky, realizing that I
cant name one star

I was raised by a single mother
me and my younger brother
took the option of staying strong for oneanother
we were no strangers to the "Public Aid"
that is how our rent was paid
I was my mother's maid
her master chef and receptionist too
was my pleasure, helping her through
struggles she suffered due to motherhood
Lord knows I truly did all that I could

present would come and change us all
some would come to rise
others to fall
in this land of the forgotten man

my struggles yesterday
now seem the good days
its extreme
I mean
the way we all fell
like the domino effect
all catching different versions of hell
makes my head swell
with mass sorrows
praying for brighter tomorrows
when baby brother isnt on the grind
when momma stops smoking all the crack cocaine she can find
I am seeking peace of mind
a time to shine
in this world of government cheese
and women on their knees
somebody please...

The Desk of Miz Floes

Miz Floes's picture

Miz Portionte` Floes the poet, soulful expressionist, and vocalist, currently resides in the Pacific Northwest., Her poetry is refreshing, informative, intellectual, funny, and the list goes on., Every poem within her collection is prolific in its own right. Her use of rhyme and intellect are ingenious!, Miz Portionte` Floes performs weekly at the “Soul Shop” Spoken Word venue, in Seattle, WA, as well as Wallingford’s, Wonder Bar. Using the stage name Miz Floes, Portionte` has dubbed her technique as "Soulful Expression" (reciting and singing her imaginative verses with the accompaniment of a Live Jazz / Funk / Soul Band)!

Last updated June 30, 2016