I Should Have Stayed

Seven dying years ago
I did something I'm not proud to show
I sold my soul to a female foe
Who's words cut like a steely knife
So I bargained my life
And in its place a new creature was found
Hair still dark
Eyes still brown
Freckles dotting the base of her crown
But with a demeanor and pose that was mean and foul
Her companions drifted one by one
Some clinging to her
Asking what had become
Of the girl they once knew with her face towards the sun
"No!", commanded the girl
"I will by have it".
"I will turn your heart from mine, if it means I'll have to stab it."
In the cool of the night
A sky of dead stars
She walked to the cemetery
And entered the graveyard
On this night seven years before
She had finalized the score
Now she was left with just her thoughts to implore
And a grave she happened to notice
That could not be ignored
Her fingers traced the engraving that read "R.I.P"
"In memory of Angela Smith."
With her hands she clawed the dirt
Feeling sick with pounding hurt
Until the corpse of her soul lay bare before her
Upon her own will
She had strangled and killed
A girl with so much promise
Like a dove with beautiful longing
A mind made of gold
She was only nine years old
Now her mind is foggy with thoughts of what the past held in
What could have been
If she had not let that cruel girl win
She clung to that limp body
Whom she missed so badly
To the little pale limbs
And hair caked with dirt and grime
Se cupped a white cheek
And with the saddest regret she wailed her truth to her broken winged dove
She confessed to the night
"I should have stayed! I should have stayed!"
"I should have let you live."
"I'm sorry for taking your soul; now I have nothing to give."
In the light of the day
It is then that she wakes
And follows by her normal ways
The ghosts of her friends pass by like strangers
Again an again
And through the treacherous battle
I try to forgive myself
For murdering my soul
Seven dying years ago

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I use my creativity as a weapon to express myself.

Last updated August 31, 2016