There was a landing
Above a rock
Nothing ever has lived here
The whole world was at a stop
Waves crashed on ridges below
Kicking mist onto the spot
It tickled the toes of wonderers
It made a person think a lot
What would happen if I stepped
If my foot no longer had a place to stand
Would i be lifted by a cloud
Or would my body tumble to the sand
The trees above swayed
Their branches telling stories
Breathing in and out will help you
It’ll leave you empty of worries
The soil has a purpose
Dark, wet. Deep and thick
The message rises up within you
It urges you to be quick
A time comes when the rain falls
No longer do the waves seem so wet
You can’t help but wonder and ponder
But the earth isn’t ready yet
Sweaty fingers brush your forehead
They brace your skull and try hard to make it stop
The noises become louder
Until all at once everything becomes a clock
No longer will you decide and regret
Fate is holding your hand
Those fingers fall to face the soil
And your body hits the sand

A girl and her mask. She wears it always and even leaves scraps of it in her poetry. It would be a crime for someone to know the real me. If you think you've figured me out or care to know more, contact me.

Last updated August 17, 2015