Lost Thoughts

You may push your finger
And push again
Down my throat
I surely will wish
For a chorus
Of groaning ghastly sounds
Then a quiet fire
I know,
This you desire
But come home,
I am in Africa
Where the forest
Feeds on fumes
And when you touch the bottom
And push you finger
Down my throat
And my eyes well up
I wish for another cup
Of 'Seven Days'
To run down my throat

Gankhanani Moffat Moyo's picture

Apart from being a poet, Gankhanani Moyo is a writer, actor, dancer, literary critic, and singer - generally an all-round artist. He has performed in Zambia, within the Southern African region and in Europe. He is the author of Songs from My Soul (2008) and Orgasm (2011). Flames in Black Meditation is set for release next year., Gankhanani teaches literature at the University of Zambia.

Last updated July 14, 2015