Lucifer's Code

Blessed is he who hath no soul
For his is the kingdom of darkness.
Better to wander without a goal,
Than to walk on the sharpness.

Love is waste, a sour taste;
Let hate and apathy grind you.
Reject the faith, be not chaste
Let the ties of lies bind you.

Harsh and hoarse, be your course;
For kind is weak and tender.
You will find this soup of darkened force
In hearts of all caste and gender.

Devil is yours and you are for the devil
Your pulse is at fault and your breath is evil.
Are you too blind to see this glory?
Married to humanity; the truth as dowry.

Don’t be afraid the fiendness is great;
For light shall make your ideas glow.
It’s the straight path where the thorns are laid,
And Satan is your friend and not your foe.

Deceiving is easy, for the right is lazy;
And honest gold is where suffering unfolds.
Sow the seed, near the blood of daisy
And plough the land where evil holds.

Your life is bitter, for all good is hither,
And chivalry is filth and hard work a myth.
Don’t you worry, all good you burry,
For of no use is the snow’s flurry.

Don’t neglect these words that shimmer,
They come from hell to the heart of the sinner;
These are the words from the mouth of Hades,
To bless alL; the gentlemen and ladies.

Come forth; receive the oil from demon's drills,
To harness the darkness and all the chills;
For the devil is yours and you are for the devil,
Your soul is at fault and your breath is evil
-A R Mulla

Asim Rafiq Mulla

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Last updated October 12, 2015