In these seconds a breath and the struggle to breathe. One beat, two, then I lose count but no matter what I know where to land. Like a compass, my soul finds its home and as colors swirl to a creation beyond what man can reveal.
I know that the light will guide me.
In between the color I find the spaces, the spaces that hold seconds in which I take another breath to steal life from eternity what was promised me at birth.
I am lost but have no desire to be found. I am exploring the borders that contain a message. I live in a place where only the curve of immortality holds true. The message reveals itself and we dance. We know now, be free it says. Hold sacred your imagination and let the knowledge of the masses not hider what your creativity demands.
Let simplicity hold the highest honor of devotion so that in every voyage, with every step we know the love of life. I know words that can break a man; there are letters that can combine to destroy the love from the most precious verse. If you know what is real and hope for what is fantasy it is possible we can never get out of this place. Hold onto the light, take a breath…..breathe this life commanding your lot be elevated and we all can devour the clouds and float through existence to here, to now.

30 something father of 4, Married for 17 years, Love all kinds of poetry that carries a message.

Last updated December 18, 2015