Motivation of War

When the nature of life loses motivation to strive for beauty we are over run by vile and confusion.
Not that I live my life for you but I live my life with you and your thoughts and beliefs are your own as mine are to me.
My heart has found its path and that path remains despite any outside desire for me to falter.
Whether we are friends, neighbors, or just breathing the same air I have no desire to force my beliefs on you.
Disagree or agree I respect the reality of your mind to make choices and if those choices intend irreversible harm on others I see no value in those choices.
You become a hindrance to this earth someone whose intellect fails to pursued with words so your cowardice acts in violence.
You do not face your critics to find understanding but to force your beliefs. Your value of life is found in the lowest of places, you believe that by birth you are more righteous then the next.
That who you confess this ugliness to will somehow absolve your soul.
You are the very definition of weakness.

30 something father of 4, Married for 17 years, Love all kinds of poetry that carries a message.

Last updated December 18, 2015